Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 30 years of experience designing learning environments for persons with autism and development disabilities...

Autism Treatment for Children using ABA in Dubai

The Carbone Clinic in Dubai provides autism treatment services for children. Our clinic based in New York has been providing quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to persons with autism and related disabilities for many years. In October 2013, we opened a center-based clinic located in Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Our mission is to provide evidence-based behavior analytic services to learners with autism and other developmental disabilities through direct services. We accomplish this by ensuring that the learner’s progress occurs through the arrangement of teaching environments which are positive and designed to allow the learner to continue to develop language and other skills in typical community and family settings.

Parents frequently ask what the early signs of autism are. In this video Dr. Vincent Carbone, Director of The Carbone Clinic, highlights five early markers in children which may indicate the development of an autism spectrum disorder: YouTube video Early Signs of Autism

What is the difference between an autism diagnosis and an autism assessment? In this video Dr. Carbone explains the differences: YouTube video Autism Diagnosis and Autism Assessment

What can parents do after the diagnosis of autism? In this video Dr. Carbone explains the importance of an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention: YouTube video What Parents Can Do After Diagnosis of Autism

Please call us on 04 453 9810 (+971 4 453 9810 if calling from outside the UAE) to arrange a free initial meeting. Please visit our Facebook site and our YouTube channel for more information on The Carbone Clinic and resources on autism.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst with over 30 years of experience designing learning environments for persons with autism and development disabilities...

Tribute to Dr. John (Jack) Michael

Tribute to Dr. John(Jack) MichaelIt is with great sorrow that I announce the passing of Dr. John (Jack) Michael, retired Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan. The staff of the Carbone Clinic send our thoughts and condolences to Dr. Alyce Dickinson, and Dr. Michael’s many students. The loss is being felt by the entire community of behavior analysts and anyone who knew Jack. He will always be remembered as a kind and generous individual, with a quick wit and incisive intellect. He was also someone who would go out of his way to help those in need. He would make you laugh while you marveled at his clever comments and insights. Dr. Michael’s contribution to the science of human behavior has been enormous. His paper published in the Journal of The Experimental Analysis of Behavior in 1959, with his student, Dr. Ted Ayllon, is widely considered the first research paper in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. From there, he played an essential role in introducing students of behavior analysis to B. F. Skinner’s writings. He loved teaching and was a master at presentation of difficult material. His students loved him. He organized his classes so that serious minded students would learn at a very high rate. With his precise methods of college instruction, for which he was recognized, he helped us all to understand the complexities and applications of Skinner’s analysis of behavior found in his texts Science and Human Behavior, Verbal Behavior and others. It was his teachings and writings alone on verbal behavior that has led to important clinical applications of the analysis of verbal behavior in treatment programs for persons who do not acquire language typically. While at the same time, Dr. Michael’s seminal work on a behavior analytic approach to motivation (Establishing Operation) and the research that has followed, made possible improvements in the lives of many individuals with disabilities. Moreover, his analysis of motivation provided the necessary elements to push forward important discoveries and lines of research related to treating problem behavior by its function, teaching verbal behavior, organizational management, behavioral pharmacology, feeding disorders, academic behavior, clinical psychology and others. His precise conceptual and molecular analyses have given laboratory scientists and practitioners alike an important set of tools with which to expand our prediction and control of behavior in the interest of the individuals served. As you can see, we all owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Jack Michael. And as I have said before when paying tribute to him, if you are in the field of behavior analysis and you haven’t been influenced by Jack’s work, then you just don’t know Jack.

Vincent J. Carbone


Dr. Alyce Dickinson, wife of Dr. Jack Michael, has requested that donations in his memory go to the "Jack Michael Graduate Student Mentorship Fund" at Western Michigan University, where he taught for many years. The donations will go to fund a faculty position at Western Michigan University. The faculty member will have worked to promote Jack's radical behavioral approach and his strong emphasis upon a molecular analysis of behavior. In addition, this person will have a strong interest in ensuring that Jack's approach to behavior analysis continue by training graduate students to carry on and extend Jack's important work into the future.