Consultation Services

The Carbone Clinic is offering consultation services through the Outreach Program at its Dubai clinic for families with children with autism living outside Dubai. Families in the region can come to our center in Dubai (together with the child’s existing therapist if so desired), and we can help assess your child, provide training to the family and to the child’s therapist and provide you with a program that can be run in your home country.

We will continue to support your child’s development remotely, and you will have the opportunity to come back to the Carbone Clinic periodically to refresh training, and for us to evaluate your child's progress first hand.

The consultation services are provided in the English or Arabic languages.

The Carbone Clinic in Dubai opened in October 2013 under the leadership and direction of Dr. Vincent J. Carbone, Ed.D., BCBA-D. The mission of the Carbone Clinic in Dubai is to provide evidence-based behavior analytic services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The Carbone Clinic in Dubai provides direct one-on-one services in a center-based program and consultation services to families living outside Dubai.

For more information on our consultation services, please email us on or
call us on +971 453 9810.

A short video on our Outreach Program can be viewed on this link:

What can parents do after the diagnosis of autism? In this video Dr. Carbone explains the importance of an Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention: YouTube video What Parents Can Do After Diagnosis of Autism