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Nora Sabahat Takieddine


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and EMDR 2

Licensed in California, USA (LMFT 94051) and DHCC Dubai Privacy Policy

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Nora Sabahat Takieddine completed her psychotherapy training and licensing in California, USA. Originally from Syria, she grew up in the region and is bilingual speaking Arabic and English. As a frequent expat who’s lived and worked in the United States and different countries in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Lebanon, Nora is keenly interested in the impact of stress on people’s health in today’s ever demanding world. In her work with her clients, Nora is passionate about supporting them towards their goals as they find strength, clarity, and harmony with increased mental health and wellbeing.

Therapeutic Approach

Nora believes that the potential for wellbeing and growth lies within each individual, and that the “right” environment enriches and supports people’s innate drive towards wellness. In her experience, such an environment involves a space that is contained, trusting, and secure; where a person can explore and express ideas, discover new information and have transformational experiences. As a transpersonal psychotherapist her approach integrates the understandings of psychodynamics, psychosynthesis, and somatic psychotherapy including relevant research and knowledge in the workings of stress, trauma, and the restoration of resiliency and vitality.

Educational and Professional Background

Nora graduated from Sofia University, California, with a master’s degree in counseling psychology. She completed her licensing-required 3000 hours of supervised practice providing mental health services to children and adults to address such challenges as emotional disturbance, stress & trauma related disorders, and anxiety presentations. Nora also pursued additional specialization in the understanding and treatment of stress and trauma related disorders and she is a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner as well as an EMDR trained practitioner receiving supervision.

Prior to pursuing her credentials in psychotherapy from the United States, Nora volunteered to facilitate and lead a women's psychosocial support group pilot session in Syria for mothers of children diagnosed with cancer. The response from the participants was very powerful, highlighting the lack of resources to address psychosocial needs as a vital component of community health. Nora hopes to use the knowledge and expertise gained in the United States to raise awareness and provide such individual and group support to the community.