The Carbone Clinic

The Carbone Clinic was founded by Dr Carbone to provide quality Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to persons with autism and related disabilities. Dr Carbone and his colleagues have treated thousands of children and adults with autism and varying disabilities.

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ABA Services

We provide evidence-based behavior analytic services to learners through the arrangement of positive teaching environments. The learner will continue to develop language and other important skills in their typical school, community and family settings.

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Welcome to the carbone clinic

The Carbone Clinic is founded on the vision that individuals affected by autism and other developmental disabilities have the right to effective education and behavioral services. Regardless of age, diagnosis, skills or barriers which impact day-to-day functioning, every learner is capable of learning new skills and increasing degrees of independence to allow an improved quality of life for the learner and their family.

Every learner is unique, and their ABA program should be individualised to account for specific needs, interests and motivation. Reducing barriers to learning and programming skill acquisition are prioritised by importance to the learner.

A competent and experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) should oversee ABA programs. Involvement commences with a comprehensive assessment utilising assessment and curriculums most appropriate to the learner. Evaluation may include assessment of communication and social skills, problem behavior reduction, academic skills as well as other important daily functioning skills.

The outcome of assessment is an individualised education plan (IEP) and outline of effective teaching procedures derived from peer reviewed empirical evidence that incorporates the principles of the science of behavior analysis including Skinners Analysis of Verbal Behavior.

Generalising skills acquired through instruction across environments (home, nursery, school, college, community) and people (family, teacher, care providers) can lead to an improvement in the quality of life for all.

ABA programs are data driven to reliably account for and demonstrate changes in behavior and progress. Visual displays through graphing will allow the BCBA supervising the program to review progress and make data-based decisions regarding any required programming changes.

Our guiding principles are established from these qualities.

Guiding Principles of The Carbone Clinic

  • Every learner has the potential to develop skills beyond their current level and should be free of behaviors and activities that cause injury, pain, or limit opportunities for full community involvement.

  • Communication skills and other skills that lead to rewarding personal relationships, well-being, vocational productivity, and self-determined daily activities should be targeted.

  • Reliance on the evidenced-based literature of the science of applied behavior analysis and its underlying assumptions will lead to the best possible learner outcomes.

  • Functional communication is the foundation that supports the development of skills in all areas and therefore B.F. Skinner’s analysis of verbal behavior and the supporting empirical work informs our treatment and instructional recommendations.

  • Reliable data which are gathered and analysed on a schedule sufficient to make informed decisions is necessary to achieve the best outcomes for our learners.